Eternitten Silo Project in Aalborg, Denmark

Commission for workers museum at the former Eternitten site in Aalborg, Denmark. Project utilises site specific imagery from the former factory. Curated by Galleri Kirk as part of the Out in the Open mural project.




Eternitten Silo, Aalborg, Denmark

Wall to Wall, Benalla VIC

Wall to Wall festival in Benalla, Victoria. Curated by Juddy Roller

This wall is painted from the image of Ned Kelly’s nephew standing at the Kelly homestead in Greta West, just outside of Benalla in 1922. The wall in the picture is covered with carved initials. They included K.K., A.S., J.B., N.K., D.K., S.H., carved by Kate, Sherritt, Joe Byrne, Dan & Ned and Steve Hart, The Kelly gang and Family.

The use of old images has become a recurrent theme in my work, through the nostalgia and the sentiment community attach to photographs, old stories and people. Images can become distorted, faded or misused over time, they become our mythology.

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‘Nostalgia I’ Benalla, Victoria

Redfern, Sydney

Painted from images from the archives of the Aboriginal Legal Service, first started in a shopfront in Redfern in 1970 providing free legal advice and services to Indigenous Australians, This was a vital step for Indigenous Australia who continue to fight discrimination to this day. This image relates to the Aboriginal Legal service childcare in Moree.

This project was coordinated by Workshop Australia.